RC "ENIGMA STYLE” Pazardzhik provides commercial and industrial space for rent in the towns of Pazardjik, Peshtera and Velingrad.

RC "ENIGMA STYLE" Pazardzhik occupies an area of 53 000 m2 on 3 Milio Voivoda Street in the downtown, between two warehouses. Tenants are retailers from different industries.Because of its location and size RC “Enigma STYLE” Pazardzhik has great potential for development.  The companies in the center are retailers in the field of food, feed, flour, tobacco, floor coverings and repairs.

RC "ENIGMA STYLE" Peshtera has an area of over 5 000 m2. Located near the railway station of the city it is close to all major industrial enterprises. This also defines its object of activity - mainly industrial, serving large enterprises, former warehouses for grains. In our warehouses operate traders of alcohol, furniture, auto service, collection and processing of used metal materials, trade with coal and briquettes, transport services. The profile of the base is an industrial one, connected with the business in the city.

RC "ENIGMA STYLE" Velingrad is located in the industrial zone of the city on the area of 8 900 m2, it is near a bus and train station. Tenants in the base develop activities related to production of furniture, paint for eggs, dyed yarn, trading with building materials and food-stuffs. The large area is the thing that makes the center attractive for developing new activities and services.

Choosing to work in RC "Enigma style", you choose quality, integrity and imminent success!


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