RC "ENIGMA STYLE” Burgas, develops its activities on 37 182 m3 – 16 142 m3 built-up area in the auction and 9 224 m3 leased lands. In the retail center there are separated roads and parking areas that serves the storages. 

is located in the southern industrial region of Burgas, 2 kilometers from Port Burgas and the downtown, on the main commercial street "Industrialna", which connects the downtown with one of the largest complexes in the city /Meden Rudnik/. The retail center is also near the main road linking Burgas and our southern coast. 

The large number of customers is attracted by the separate entances, the good infrastructure and the availability of various goods and products offered by our tenants so the center is a 100% taken. There is a constant demand for warehouse spaces, which requires an investment in reconstruction of the facilities and an expansion of the base. Our new facilities have modern air conditioning system that provides comfort of our partners throughout the year. 

The retail center has a twenty-four-hour security that provides unimpeded parking, security of the parked vehicles and has full knowledge of our partners, which allows fast orientation of the customers. 
With the ongoing massive reconstruction of the four-floor building, we provide new opportunities for our current and future customers and partners to participate in an ambitious undertaking, with innovative and modern concept. 

Since its establishment, the RC “Enigma Style" is an integral part of the society. We know that without attention to our social responsibility, we would not be standing here now. With our growth, we must also expand the commitment to our partners. We are guided by the principle “Clients of our customers are our customers”. That is why we will continue to work in this direction. We rely on consistent communication and feedback to capture the pulse of our time and to be committed to everything that is happening around us. 

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