Trade center “Enigma”
supports important social causes by focusing its efforts on initiatives of major importance. Corporate social responsibility is part of the business and management concept of the trade centers’ chain. It covers environmental policy, market and social environment and charity activities that support the development of both culture and education at regional and national level.

With the expansion of our company in different cities of Bulgaria, our responsibility to the society also increases. In every city where we have a center, we support social programmes or initiatives that contribute to a better urban environment and community development.

When we develop new projects, we are constantly changing, following the market requirements. We are flexible and dynamic.

We assist our partners and their customers 365 days a year.

We invest in equipment and technology, as well as in our own information system to improve the quality of service and bring it to the European level.

Our team establishes and maintains effective systems for processing the packaging waste from the commercial objects through collection, sorting and recycling. This facilitates our business partners and ensures environmental protection. Our communication strategy is a complex of information and educational activities towards the Bulgarian citizens for the themes and problems of collecting and recycling packaging waste. The systems include the following elements: containers for collection of the waste divided by type of material, backed by specialized equipment for waste.

In connection with the implemented energy strategy of our country and in order to increase the energy efficiency in the production and consumption, we follow:
- Regulations for energy efficiency and heat saving in our buildings;
- Standards for design of heating and ventilation systems and air conditioning.
Thus we reduce the energy consumption and energy costs, the emissions, discharged into the atmosphere, the costs for repair and maintenance, and also enhance the usability of the building and improve the environment.

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